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Twitter Can't Sink Age Bias Suit Over Post-Musk Layoffs

USA Herald | April 2024

X Can't Dodge Suit Alleging Musk Pushed Out Women

Law360 | April 2024

Suit Against Twitter Over Unpaid Bonuses Can Proceed, Judge Rules

New York Times | December 2023

Elon Musk’s X illegally fired employee for publicly blasting the company’s return to office plans, labor regulator alleges

Fortune | October 2023

Judge allows age-discrimination lawsuit against Elon Musk's X to proceed

Reuters| August 2023

Elon Musk Accused of Discriminating Against Mom Employee at Twitter

Rolling Stone | August 2023


Twitter accused of failing to pay millions in employee bonuses after Musk takeover
CNN | June 2023

Musk’s Twitter Layoffs Generate Thousands of Legal Headaches
Bloomberg Law | April 2023

A new group of Twitter vendors is suing the company for alleged unpaid bills

CNN | April 2023

Twitter again accused of legal violations during mass layoffs

Reuters | April 2023

The workers the mass Twitter layoffs left behind

CNN | March 2023

Elon Musk faces upward of $130 million in legal costs to fight laid-off Twitter workers over severance pay

Business Insider | February 2023

Twitter Playing 'Stupid Game' to Stall Ex-Workers' Legal Claims: Lawyer

U.S. News | February 2023


A lawyer representing hundreds of laid-off Twitter staff has accused Elon Musk of trying to 'fleece' workers over severance pay

Business Insider | January 2023

Severance for laid-off workers is Musk's latest mess at Twitter

Daily Kos | January 2023

Two months after mass Twitter layoffs, affected employees still waiting for severance offers

CNN | January 2023 

Twitter hit by legal complaints from 100 former employees following Musk's layoffs

CNN | December 2022

Twitter's Elon Musk is warned to prepare for 'hundreds or even thousands' of arbitration cases
Los Angeles Times | December 2022

Former employees suing Twitter speak out on Elon Musk's 'clumsy and inhumane' layoffs

CNN | December 2022
Twitter on defensive during court hearing over new lawsuit notification

Forbes | December 2022
Female Twitter staff had 'targets on their backs' in Elon Musk's layoffs, a lawsuit claimed

Business Insider | December 2022

NPR's Instagram Account

NPR | December 2022

Twitter offering some laid-off staff only half what they’re owed, lawsuit says
Ars Technica | November 2022

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